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"Crepole" with “polenta” dough

"Crepole" with “polenta” dough

Mr Pilo
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Pack containing 3 pieces

Ancient recipe of our grandparents, according to which, once the Polenta has been prepared, it is left to cool and then rolled out and kneaded with flour, eggs, milk and various other ingredients.

Hand made product according to family tradition


Type 0 soft WHEAT flour, polenta 35% (water, corn flour, salt, tartaric acid acidity regulator) EGGS, lard, U.H.T. partially skimmed, salt, sucrose, leavening agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, preservative E200 (sorbic acid), pepper

Contains wheat gluten, milk and eggs


450 g

Storage and shelf life specifications

Product packaged in a protective atmosphere. Keep in a cold and dry place. Do not puncture the package, once opened keep the product in the fridge sealed in the bag itself or hermetically sealed with special food bags and consume it within 3 days.

Nutrition facts

Serving size 100 g


Kcal 376
KJ 1572
Fat g 20
Satured fat g 7,8
Monounsaturated fat g 9,7
Polyunsaturated fat g 2,5
Carbohydrate g 41
Sugars g 1
Starch g 40
Fibers g 2,4
Proteins g 6,8
Salt g 1,8


Mr. Pilo was born from the tradition of a family specialized in the preparation of baked products, in particular the Cresce peeled by hand. It is precisely the peeling that makes the products particularly crumbly even after cooking, therefore tastier and more digestible. The careful selection in the choice of raw materials, hand processing, packaging in a controlled atmosphere and the correct treatment in all the different phases allow us, in the end, to guarantee a supply chain of absolute excellence. And this allows us to feel guardians of the values and culinary tradition of our territory, making us proud of the quality that characterizes all the specialties signed by Mr. Pilo.

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