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Spelt flour type 1 ORGANIC
Spelt flour type 1 ORGANIC
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Spelt flour type 1 ORGANIC

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Codice prodotto: 211.101

Spelled was one of the first cereals to be cultivated by man, due to its characteristics it is considered an ancestor of durum wheat, but its properties and nutritional values are better; it also has a lower and better quality gluten, it can in fact be tolerated by people who have difficulty in eating wheat.

The emmer plant is very resistant and robust: it does not suffer from the cold, rarely gets sick and even more rarely is attacked by weeds, making it particularly suitable for organic cultivation.

Spelled flour is suitable for the production of bread and, above all, for pasta making: bronze drawing and slow drying (which we use) enhance its qualities and flavors even more.


Organic spelled flour (TRITICUM DICOCCUM) stone ground

May contain traces of soy.

Contains gluten.

Spelled history

Spelled is mainly divided into 3 varieties, MONOCOCCUM, DICOCCUM and SPELTA. Monococcum and spelled are very similar to soft wheat and are indicated in all those preparations where soft wheat is normally used (bread, pizza, sweets), while dicoccum, being more similar to durum wheat, is more suitable for preparation some pasta. This does not mean that, however, both einkorn and dicocco spelled can also be used for other types of use (eg dicocco for bread or desserts). Spelled differs from common wheat for its multiple benefits, as well as for the presence of beta-glucans, which play a valuable intestinal protection function and facilitate digestion. Among the cereals, it is the one that has the least gluten (but it is not suitable for celiacs): a common wheat has a percentage of gluten ranging from 15 to 20%, our einkorn spelled has 2% gluten, while spelled dicocco 5%. In addition, spelled is highly digestible, rich in vitamins and minerals, extraordinary for sportsmen and children because it is a natural supplement. The high protein and fiber content contained in spelled increases the feeling of satiety immediately after its consumption, which is why it is very suitable for those with weight problems; despite its excellent nutritional properties, it is the cereal with the lowest caloric ratio of all: every 100 grams there are about 350 calories. Furthermore, it avoids excessive increases in GLUCOSE and is therefore indicated in the prevention of DIABETES; it reduces the absorption of fats and the cholesterol level, making it particularly important in the diet of those suffering from hypercholesterolemia or cardiovascular problems.

Main properties of spelled:

• rich in fibers that do not irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa

• anti-anemic

• rich in vitamin C, D.

• rich in METHIONINE (essential amino acid) if associated with legumes (3/4 spelled, 1/4 legumes), which have little of it, a fantastic protein synthesis is created which allows to limit the use of meat, for the cardiovascular and oncological prevention (eating a dish based on spelled and legumes, we have the same protein intake as a steak)

• reduces LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol

• the glycemic index of spelled is lower than that of rice and bread. It therefore has, compared to these foods, a lower ability to increase blood sugar and that is why it is suitable for those suffering from diabetes.


500 g

Storage and shelf life specifications

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it is recommended to consume the flour in a few months.

Nutrition facts

Serving size 100 g


Kcal 351
KJ 1487
Fat g 2,1
Satured fat g 0,3
Carbohydrate g 70
Sugars g 3,3
Fibers g 6,6
Proteins g 11,8
Salt g 0,03


Once harvested, the spelled is stored in special silos at a controlled temperature and prepared for the grinding process. The beans are selected by an optical sorter, which with a system of infrared optical readers and compressed air pulsers, rejects all those damaged and all the elements that the normal sorting has not been able to expel (residues of micro-aggregates, shells, powders , glass); thanks to the optical selection, the grains are ground 100% intact, guaranteeing a final product of the highest quality and, above all, increasing the level of food safety of the flour. After being ground, the flour is packaged in ATM (protective atmosphere): this type of packaging allows you to increase the shelf life of food products and helps to keep their sensory properties unaltered thanks to the inhibiting and bacteriostatic action of the gases used. The nutritional, physical (size, volume, etc.) and taste aspects of the food therefore remain unchanged with respect to pre-packaging.

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