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Khorasan wheat flour ORGANIC
Khorasan wheat flour ORGANIC
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Khorasan wheat flour ORGANIC

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Codice prodotto: 211.103

Khorasan wheat flour stands out for its amber color and grainy texture; Compared to white flour, it contains much more protein and has a greater satiating power

Easily workable, soft and with a scent that evokes hazelnut and bread crust, it is excellent for the preparation of pasta, bread, pizza, focaccia, biscuits and various sweets.


Organic stone-ground khorasan wheat flour (TRITICUM TURANICUM)

Contains gluten.

Khorasan wheat history

Khorasan wheat is an ancient variety of durum wheat cultivated in Egypt as early as 6,000 years ago and considered one of the most complete cereals from a nutritional point of view; it is grown organically, it has never been hybridized or genetically modified, and should be preferred to other flours for its nutritional properties. In detail, the main benefits that the consumption of Khorasan wheat can bring to our body are:

• Antioxidant effect: the high presence of selenium helps prevent cellular aging and counteracts the damaging action of free radicals;

• Stimulates cardiovascular wellbeing: vitamin E promotes heart functions and, at the same time, has a beneficial effect on the eyes;

• It is energizing, low-calorie and rich in proteins: for these reasons it is recommended for athletes and all those who lead an active and dynamic lifestyle.

• It is highly digestible and purifying: compared to classic wheat it is much lighter and more digestible. Furthermore, it contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and, in particular, to the disposal of excess toxins.

• It is useful for those with cholesterol problems: it is cholesterol-free and helps fight bad cholesterol (LDL).

• Regulates blood glucose levels: it has a lower glycemic index than that of durum wheat; it is therefore ideal for diabetics and for all those who suffer from hypoglycemia.


500 g

Storage and shelf life specifications

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it is recommended to consume the flour in a few months.

Nutrition facts

Serving size 100 g


Kcal 339
KJ 1426
Fat g 2,3
Satured fat g 0,4
Carbohydrate g 64
Sugars g 2,6
Fibers g 8,9
Proteins g 15,5
Salt g 0,02


The flours of the NOJA 'farm are obtained from the grinding of highly selected grains grown exclusively in the hills of Pergola, a territory particularly suitable for the cultivation of our varieties of cereals.

The beans are selected by an optical sorting machine, which with a system of infrared optical readers and compressed air pulses, rejects all the damaged ones and all the elements that the normal sorting was unable to expel (residues of micro-inert materials, shells, powders, glass); thanks to the optical selection, the 100% whole grains are ground, guaranteeing a final product of the highest quality and, above all, increasing the level of food safety of the flour;

After being ground, the flour is packaged in ATM (protective atmosphere): this type of packaging allows to increase the shelf life of food products and helps to keep the sensory properties unaltered thanks to the inhibiting and bacteriostatic action of the gases used.

The nutritional, physical (size, volume, etc.) and taste aspects of the food therefore remain unchanged compared to pre-packaging.

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