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Khorasan wheat pasta "tagliatelle" ORGANIC
Khorasan wheat pasta "tagliatelle" ORGANIC
Khorasan wheat pasta "tagliatelle" ORGANIC
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Khorasan wheat pasta "tagliatelle" ORGANIC

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Codice prodotto: 211.094

NOJA 'dry pasta is produced using artisanal procedures and equipment, such as BRONZE DRAWING, which makes the pasta capable of perfectly absorbing any seasoning, and SLOW DRYING (from 30 to 36 hours) and at LOW TEMPERATURE, which preserve and guarantee the flavor and authenticity. Produced exclusively with its own flours, thus creating a closed supply chain to guarantee greater quality and control of the product and the raw materials used, from harvesting in the fields to tasting at the table.

Tagliatelle, in particular, are "nested" by hand, which means that two people manually form the famous nest shape found in the packaging, to preserve the integrity and flavors of the product.


Organic khorasan wheat semolina (triticum turanicum), water.

May contain traces of soy.

Contains gluten.


250 g

Storage and shelf life specifications

Store in a cool, dry place

Nutrition facts

Serving size 100 g


Kcal 352
KJ 1485
Fat g 1,5
Satured fat g 0,3
Carbohydrate g 71
Sugars g 3,2
Fibers g 4,7
Proteins g 13,2
Salt g 0,01


Being an artisanal product, composed only of water and flour, we recommend cooking our pasta in plenty of water and not to exceed the cooking times indicated on the package: if drained at the right time, the pasta can be consumed even after a few hours (eg . sautéed in the pan) without risking any problem. For the first few times, we recommend combining it with a simple dressing (oil and parmesan or a tomato and basil sauce) to enhance its flavor and characteristics: khorasan wheat pasta goes well with any sauce, while spelled pasta has an aftertaste slightly more bitter and goes well with slightly more decisive flavors (eg aubergines, salted ricotta, artichokes, broccoli, dried tomatoes, meat sauce, sausage).

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